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Friday, 27 March 2020

Computer Architecture in English

Computer Architecture
Computer Architecture

Computer Architecture

Computer is divided into many parts according to generation, function and size, but there is no change in the computer architecture from the beginning till now, let us know the structure of the computer.

Input unit

Input units are the hardware parts of a computer through which any data can be entered into the computer, you use input devices such as keyboards, mouse etc. for input as well as the computer through software. Or instruct it is called I / O devices

Central processing unit

Central processing unit processes the input data, for this, both the central processing unit and the arithmetic logic unit perform Arithmetic Calculation and logical calculation and process the data. The Central processing unit is also called as the brain of the computer.


Memory is that part of a computer that stores user-input data and process data, it has two types of primary and second e.g RAM and hard disk.

Output unit

Based on the command you provided, the information processed is given to you by the output computer which is received by you output device or output unit. The best example of an out device is your computer monitor. It is called I / O devices.

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