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Sunday, 29 March 2020

What is Cache Memory in English

Cache Memory
Cache Memory

Whether you have a computer or mobile, you must have heard about cache memory, most people have either heard of hard disk as memory or about RAM but what is this cache memory. Let's try to find out where else it is and what are the benefits of Cache Memory.

What is Cache Memory 

Cache memory, whether it is on a phone or a computer, does any work very fast, in fact cache memory (Cache Memory) is very small in size but much faster than the main memory of the computer, it is used in the CPU. Also called memory, programs and instructions that are used repeatedly, secure the cache memory inside them,The processor checks the cache memory before processing any data and if that file is not found there, then after that it checks the RAM i.e the primary memory, so you can get the computer and your phone faster works.

Cache memory diagram

Benefits of cache memory

Computer processors normally take about 180 nano seconds (1 second = 1 billion nano seconds) to read data from REM but only 45 nano seconds when this data is received from cache memory (Cache Memory). If you have, then you must have understood how beneficial cache memory is in computers and phones, because of cache memory, the speed of your phone and computer increases greatly.

Cache memory loss

The cache memory data application is ready during use and will create a tamper file related to the application that is used by your CPU but the data is not automatically deleted from the cache memory. The cache memory size is very small. Cause it fills up quickly and hangs your computer and mobile.

What is the solution

To keep the cache memory from getting full, keep it clean at intervals of some time, it will not cause any harm to your computer or phone, the CPU will prepare it immediately as per your requirement.

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