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Saturday, 28 March 2020

What is Computer Memory in English

Computer Memory
Computer Memory

Computer Memory  is that part of computer according to the structure of the computer stores the data and process data inputted by the user, memory is the basic component of the computer. Let's know what is computer memory.

What is Computer Memory in English

Although the CPU is called the brain of a computer, but while the brain of man does a lot of work as well as keeping our memories safe, the CPU does only Arithmetic Calculation and Logical Computation. Processes input data, cannot preserve process data,Now that process data also has to be stored somewhere, then this task is near the computer memory, computer memory is divided into many small parts, which we call a cell. Each cell has a unique address or path. Whenever you save or save a file on a computer, it is saved in a cell -

There are two types of computer memory 

Variable - It is also known as Primary Memory, also known as Primary Memory, it is directly in contact with CPU and its data and instructions are fast and direct use by CPU, This is called variable - memory because this memory cannot store data permanently. Example - RAM

Non-volatile - This is known as Secondary Memory. It is used to store a large amount of data permanently, so Secondary Memory is called storage. Not memory examples - harddisk

There are four types of computer memory based on space 

  1. Register Memory
  2. Cache Memory
  3. Primary Memory
  4. Secondary Memory

Computer Memory Units English

Just as there are units such as seconds for measuring time, decibels for measuring noise, mm for measuring distance and grams for measuring weight, similarly in the world of computers, units have been determined to measure storage capacity. Is called a unit or unit of computer memory.

The smallest unit of computer memory is a bit. A bit is a binary signal i.e a binary value of only 0 and 1, and when four bits are mixed it is called Nibble. ) Means 1 nibble = 4 bit byte (Byte) A group of 8 bits is called a byte.

Normally when you type a digit or letter in your computer, it is expressed by a byte or, directly speaking, it occupies a space equal to a byte. That is, 1 byte = 8 bit = 2 nibble, thus a group of about 11099511627776 weights is called a terabyte and about two million MP3s can be stored in one terabyte.

1 bit = 0, 1
4 bit = 1 nibble
8 bit = 1 bytes (Byte)
1000 bytes (Byte) = one kilobyte (KB)
1024 kilobytes (KB) = one megabyte (MB)
1024 megabytes (MB) = one gigabyte (GB)
1024 gigabytes (GB) = one terabyte (TB)
1024 Terabytes (TB) = One Pentite (PB)
1024 pedabytes (PB) = one exabyte (EB)
1024 exabytes (EB) = one zabyte (ZB)
1024 zetabytes (ZB) = one zetabyte (YB)

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