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Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Simple Definition of Marketing in 2020

Simple Definition of Marketing
Simple Definition of Marketing

Simple Definition of Marketing

Simple Definition of Marketing

  • This course has been designed with theory and practical in detail.
  • So, let's begin our life towards the digital world and make your future bright
  • and you can earn as a freelancer from the home.
  • When you go to any website or you read any book of digital marketing in your daily life.
  • The first question is what is the marketing, so before going ahead.
  • I will discuss marketing first of all marketing in detail. 
  • I will try to make you understand easily what marketing with daily life examples happen with us.
  • So let's start with an example You are sitting at home.
  • And suddenly your phone started to ringing you pick up the call
  • And other side said my name is "x" and calling from an insurance company
  • If you do a sing up a policy today , so we will provide 20% offer for you and family.
  • Second is that if you go to the mall on Sunday you can find there at a shop.
  • If you buy one to get one or 40% offer for today.
  • In the point of view both above are exactly what both were doing.
  • If you think that both were doing marketing so absolutely you are right.
  • So, let's come and try to understand what marketing is  marketing.

Simple Definition of Marketing

To provide any product information and services to the customer with help of digital technology
is called Marketing. Now days all the transaction is being done by digitally like (Online recharge,
Ticket booking, Shopping, Online courses)

Process of Marketing

Creating: - A certain process is involved in making a product is known as creating.

Communicating: - After making a product we give an effective message to the customer.
so that’s by purchasing the product.

Delivery: - The meaning of delivery is that already purchased product is delivered
to the customer places . and this is the function or work of organizations.

Exchanging: - To change the one product to other values. Like you give the product to the customer
and we take money from the customer.

Evolution of Marketing
*Trade Era (Ancient time)
*Production Era (1860-1910)
*Sales Era (1920-1930)
*Marketing Era (1940-1950)
*Marketing Company Era (1960-190)
*Relationship Era (1990-200)
*Social Media Era (Present time)

Marketing Providing to Company

  1. Exploring New Avenues
  2. Optimizing Production
  3. Creating Ad and Advertising Brand
  4. Making Company-Wide Efforts
  5. Creating Customer Relationships
  6. Involving Communities

Digital Media Marketing

Digital media referred to audio, video, photo or textual content has been encoded using a computer
And can be transmitted digitally to people is known as digital media marketing.
Such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, YouTube etc.

Digital Media Features

Mass reach: - A company millions of messages can send to any people only one click

Interactivity: - Means customer or audience can give the feedback live on the spot
if you published your content or blog.

Social Networking: -Means that people make a blog or form based on their passion
or form communities forum.

Example of DM

1.Social Media Platform: - Like Facebook, twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn etc.
2.Website: - Where a company attracts customers by putting a message on their site.
3.Blogs: - Blogs are created by a customer or audience based on their passions or interests.
4.Email & SMS: - By Email a company sends a newsletter or product to the people.

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