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Wednesday, 30 December 2020

how do you use twitter guide step by step


how do you use twitter guide step by step

What is Twitter App and How to use Twitter App 2020
What is Twitter App

Find out today what is Twitter App and how to use Twitter App? Twitter is also a social media platform like Facebook. And Twitter makes more leaders and actors their account. Twitter guide step by step

Today, we are using the platform of Twitter, from the biggest to the smallest, to grow your business.

 Twitter has become a huge Opportunity of Marketing today. Because today Twitter has around 500 Million User Active out of which 80% of users are using Mobile Phone to use Twitter.

And this is the main reason that any companies can easily find Huge Potential Clients and Customers for business. They do not need to roam too much.

Twitter has become a platform that provides the facility to share news, tech information, comments, jokes, audio, video to its user.

Twitter has made its communication completely Globally Cheap and absolutely Easy. All Profiles are public on Twitter, that is, you can see and read from any part of the world.

Except profile only because it is private. Users often follow each other in Twitter so that they can communicate among themselves.

There are many features on Twitter, which many people do not know. So I thought why not tell you what is Twitter App and how do you use Twitter App?

Twitter is an online news and social networking website whose use user uses a message to communicate with each other, which is called Tweets.

When we tweet on Twitter it is called Tweeting. We can tweet to the same people who follow us on Twitter. Always Users follow those they like on Twitter.

Twitter can also be called Microblogging because only user can use 140 character on Twitter to do a message. Twitter continues to grow today. Today on Twitter, celebrities, politicians and Am are following her on Twitter. And with the help of which users share their issues or any important message with their followers.

Invention of Twitter

Twitter was discovered in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams. And launched in July the same year.

Twitter's Full Form

Typing What I'm Thinking That Everyone's Reading

Important Terms of Twitter

Tweet: - 140 character message

Retweet: - Share any Tweet

Feed: - This is your homepage where it is updated on a daily basis.

Handle: - This term is your user name.

Mention (@): - It works like a word reference, if you ask someone to mentor @ 7, you can send a message to them by writing their User Name (Ex: - @gyankibat)

Hashtag (#): - This word is very useful. With its help, you will be able to find any Topic from Easy.

Direct Message (DM): - This is a source with the help of which you can direct message to your follower.

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