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Thursday, 14 January 2021

How to use Signal Private messenger App full guide in English | Signal private messenger app account setup full guide


How to use Signal Private messenger App full guide in English
Signal private messenger app

Nowadays after coming to the new Privacy and Policy Changing in WhatsApp App, an App is now running in Trending Signal app. So I thought why write an article on it, then I am going to tell you How to use Signal Private messenger App full guide in English.


Actually this problem has been coming since when a message or pop up is coming in WhatsApp app about privacy and policy. If you accept that policy.


So your data is not safe at all. Whatever message you share may be leak to a third party.


Due to this reason, tomorrow everyone is giving Signal app more important. And there is another reason due to which Signal App is more trending and Reason is Tesla Company owner Elon N Musk has said that it is better to use Signal App instead of using WhatsApp is safe.

 So if you have this question coming Signal App use use full information English, what is a signal app in detail. How to use Signal App in English full guide, Signal App download full process full guide 2021, How to create account on Signal app full guide, Signal app full information in English 2021.

So it is at the right place because today I am going to tell you everything, whatever is your confusion. So I am Aamir and welcome all of you to my blog jhakkasstory so you know what is Signal app and how to create account on Signal app.


How to use Signal Private messenger App full guide in English

I would like to tell you that Signal app is also like WhatsApp, so you can also say that Signal app is an alternative app of WhatsApp app.


By the way, whatever function you were enjoying in WhatsApp, you will find all these functions in the Signal app. So Signal app is getting more download from Play store nowadays.


The way you were calling Message chat, Video in WhatsApp app, you can do the same in the Signal private app messenger. This app is not just a messaging app because it is being denied that it is a Protocol app.


Where you can talk to your friends by forming a group, you can share videos, photos and many other media too, by staying completely safe.


Because the company has told that whatever you talk to your friends or family has its history inside your mobile because the Signal app said that whatever is your history is not uploaded on its server.

For whatever reason, your cell phone is lost, with it all the history that remains inside your Signal App will be destroyed, because this app does not copy your history. People like this feature more than anything.


Signal private messenger app  founder full information

The Signal app has been composed by Signal Foundation and Signal Messenger. This company comes under Non Profit Company. Owner of the Signal app has been named this new Signal App with the help of Moxie Marlinspike and American Cryptographer.

As it is heard that the Signal app was created by WhatsApp Co-Founder Bryan Acton and Moxie Marlinspike. And it was Bryan Acton who invested inside Signal Foundation because Bryan Acton left WhatsApp in 2017 itself.


Feature of Signal private messenger app  full guide

Signal app typing on / off feature: - That is, whenever you are writing a message to someone, whatever Opposite you have, it looks clear to you "you are typing", but after turning this feature on, it will not show that you write Have been.

Signal app message disappearing feature: - By enabling this feature, any friend whose message you want to have his message automatically gets finished within 7 days without deleting, then enable this Disappearing feature.

Signal App Security pin Create: - This feature keeps you quite secure, because after using this feature your app cannot open any other. This pin is only of four digits, you can make this security pin according to your own. So that your data remains absolutely safe.

Signal App Group joining notification: - It means that if your friends want to join you in the group, then you will get a notification, if you want to join, then click on accept in the group, otherwise you do not want to join, then click on Ignore do.

Signal App Blue Tick hide Option: - When you read a message, your friends get to know it because after reading the message, Blue Tick is installed. To hide this, turn on Read Receipt Option.


What is the difference between Signal app and WhatsApp app full guide

  1. The best feature in the Signal app is that its user does not ask for any data, which WhatsApp is currently doing.
  2. Today Signal app is being considered as Secure app in the whole world.
  3. Within this you, you do not need to go online for Back Up, it is all inside your mobile.
  4. And then you cannot take a screen shot of the SMS in the Signal app inside your mobile, which is due to the Data Linked to you feature.
  5. All the chats you do with your friends inside the Signal app, they end with themselves after getting old. 
  6. There is a very beautiful feature in this app. Relay calls means that if you call with a friend, you go through Signal Server, which means that your IP address of your device is not detected.
  7. And here is a happy thing, no friend can direct you to the group, for this you will get a notification, only when you accept it, you can join which is not in this feature.

Signal private messenger app download  full guide


  • First of all open the play store from your mobile and search Signal private messenger and then install it.
  • Signal private messenger app iPhone download link.
  • After this, you open where you will get the terms and conditions, accept it and click on Continue. 
  • And then select your country and to use the Signal App, you have to enter your mobile number and click on Next.  
  • Then your Mobile Number OTP will come which will automatically deduce.
  • After that you will have to setup your profile where first of all choose your profile image and enter your name and click on Next.
  • If you want, you can make the Signal app the default SMS app. Meaning whatever your text message comes from, you can receive and send it from here.
  • After this, you will get the option to generate PIN, click on it and then confirm it again. Enter the PIN as you always remember.
  • And in this way the Signal Private messenger app will be downloaded.


How to run Signal Private messenger app full guide

When you signal private messenger app account setup is complete, then you will get an Icon at the home of your Signal app, click on the pencil where the contact list of all your friends will be found.

And with which you want to chat, like WhatsApp app, the page of Chatting will open.

 And you will find three dot in the right side of the app and click on it. Then a drop down will open in front of you where you can create a New Group.


 Invite your friends can also download the Signal app. In this app you will get the option of note where you can save any kind of note like video audio and image.


Near Chat you will get the option Current Location, GIF image, you can share it all. It is absolutely user friendly and also Secure.


 How to use Signal private messenger app on desktop full guide


  1. For which, first open your browser and search and the page will open in front of you and then click on Get Started.
  2. Then another page will open in front of you where you can also download the Signal app on Android and iPhone or iPad.
  3. Then you click Download for Windows.
  4. After that a file will be downloaded on your desktop.
  5. Double click on the download file and install it.
  6. Where a page will open, the QR Code will ask you to scan. One thing I would like to tell you is that to use the Signal app on desktop, first you have to download it in your mobile.
  7. And then come to your mobile and open the Signal app, then click on the profile where an option will be found, click on the linked devices.
  8. A + Icon will see the option, click on it and add a new device and scan the QR Code with QR Scanner. 
  9. And an option will appear on the mobile, as soon as you click on the Link Device, you have to name it on the device and click on Finish Linking Phone.
  10. And you can access the Signal app on Desktop.

And in this way you can use the Signal app on Desktop . Where you will get all the features like Mobile


What did you learn today


What is your go signal private messenger app today. How to create an account on the Signal private Messenger app. How to use the Signal app. Signal private messenger app feature full information and you know how to run Signal app on desktop.


Hope I gave you all the complete information about the Signal app. If you like this post, then share it with your friends on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for reading the full article.


Thank you !

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