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Monday, 2 August 2021

True Motivational Stories | Alfred Nobel Biography


True Motivational Stories

Really really I am so excited to telling this True Motivational Stories, because of your support previous article KFC Owner Colonel Sanders Motivational Life Story so keep reading this amazing article all.

True Motivational Stories

In 1888 There was a famous scientist who made numerous discoveries. And made fortune from his inventions. One day he was reading his local Morning newspaper and to his surprise.

He finds out his name in the obituary column. The newspaper had reported the death of him by mistake. Believing he had passed away. When in reality his brother had passed away a day before.

What he read in newspaper horrified him. They title his as' the merchant of death'. The also described him as a man. Who had made it possible to kill more people more quickly? Then anyone else who had ever lived. The criticized his invention of dynamite.

Alfred Nobel Biography

There wasn't anything good written about him. The news hit him hard. At that moment, he quickly realized two things:

One that this was how people were going to remember him and second that this was not the way he wanted to be remembered. From that day on, he started working towards peace. He lost most of his wealth in a trust.

That would be wont to establish the awards after his name. Alfred Nobel which is how the Nobel prize was created. As a gift for people that make outstanding. Achievements to mankind In subjects that always interested Nobel .

Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Literature and Peace. Today most are conversant in the Nobel prize while relatively few people know. How Alfred Nobel made his fortune. It was thought the invention of dynamite.

And nobody knew that a simple newspaper incident, changed his life. Alfred Nobel had and opportunity granted to him. That very few people have. To read his obituary while alive.

Thinking about how one's obituary is going to read, can motivate to rethink and reflect on our life. And how we are currently spending our life. The one thing we will learn from this story is that the great we do lives after us.

For most of us, This is the most important thing that we ever leave behind. The reality of death are often our greatest motivator if we let it. It can help refocus on our visions and remember why we do what we do.

What's your understanding what death means in all of its darkness you will understand life. You will see deaths, not as a problem but a fact. That fact will change the way you see everything going forward.

The only to deal with the reality of death is go out there and live the best life you can, while you can! Use your life to do something that gives you meaning, and then you will no longer see death as a problem when it comes upon you.

There is famous saying, Life is a book of three pages. The first page is birth, the last page is death and center page is empty.


It is up to you ways beautiful you create that page to read.

Thanks for reading this all article and stay blessed!

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